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Our Story

Bato and Sean first met at Kyoto University whilst studying for their MBA. After working for many years respectively in the information technology and oil and gas industries they were ready for a career change. Together they decided to study Japan’s craft beer industry and start their own brewery for their MBA final year project. Ayako joined the team later on, and the Two Rabbits Brewing Company was born. 

The company name Two Rabbits comes from the old Japanese saying “If you run after two rabbits, you won’t catch either”. 
When Sean was in search of his future career before founding Two Rabbits Brewing Company, he frequently talked about many different ideas and one day Ayako introduced him to the saying.  Now we use this as a paradoxical meaning; that is to focus on one thing and pursue it.

Our Team

Ayako Collett

Having studied, lived and worked in Australia for 10 years, Ayako developed an enjoyment for sipping craft beer on the golden sands of Adelaide and Perth beaches. Previously a primary school teacher, Ayako brings to the company strong organisational abilities and a talent for design. She created the company’s name and logo.

Sean collett

Previously a keen home brewer back in Australia, Sean undertook his training at one of Australia’s leading brewing schools under the tutelage of Stephen Nelsen. When Sean’s not brewing he can be found tinkering with his retro Mini Cooper, fly fishing for elusive trout, and trying to keep up with his 3-year-old son.



A Chef with impressive experience, Taka came on board to lead our company’s first direct outlet: the Rabbit Hutch. His food philosophy is simple: match the food to the craft beers. When he’s not in the kitchen coming up with his next creation, he’s fishing for black bass or cooking up a storm for his family. Simply put, Taka loves his food and beer!

Environmental Responsibility

We like to think globally and act locally. Craft beer is made from raw ingredients produced naturally, but the brewing industry has its environmental challenges: it is one of the largest industrial users of water. Our brewing technologies have been chosen in part to reduce water usage and wastage whilst also reducing energy consumption. Our largest source of waste is spent grains which we deliver daily after brewing to local pork farms.

Lake Biwa is not only Japan’s largest freshwater lake but one of the world’s oldest. It is a natural and historical icon with references frequently appearing in Japanese literature, poetry, and historical records. It is also the home of thousands of insect, fish and bird species, with migratory birds visiting annually. Being headquartered on the shores of Lake Biwa, we have a responsibility to preserve this natural environmental for future generations. The Two Rabbits Brewing Company has plans to work with local communities to promote and preserve this natural environment and is now developing a Keep Biwako Beautiful initiative. Watch this space!

Our Beer

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